What is Safe Travel Barometer?

Safe Travel Barometer is a B2B2C tool to monitor COVID-19 traveler safety, health and quarantine measures announced by travel companies and destinations.

Who owns Safe Travel Barometer?

Safe Travel Barometer is developed by Safe Travel Technologies Private Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, India. We are backed by travel industry veterans and technology experts. View our Leadership page for more details.

How does Safe Travel Barometer aggregate content?

We have a sizeable team which researches official announcements, press releases and new articles for information. In addition, we also actively seek information directly from the company, destination.

How often does Safe Travel Barometer update information?

Our endeavor is to update the information in 24-48 hours of the announcements. However, public holidays and review backlog may delay some information from being published in a timely manner.

Is the information shown on the Safe Travel Barometer dashboard or company profile page accurate?

We certainly aim to do so! Our content and quality assurance teams go to great lengths to verify the accuracy of the information announced by companies, destinations.


Moreover, we also permit companies to claim their accounts and update information directly. This information is still reviewed by our quality assurance teams before being published on the dashboard.

How does Safe Travel Barometer verify the accuracy of the information shared or announced by companies, destinations?

Great question! Considering the COVID-19 pandemic we primarily rely on official announcements, sourced online or via subscribed press releases. This is complemented by engaging with company officials to verify the information on a case-to-case basis.

Does Safe Travel Barometer have a review process?

The review process is critical to our mission. Our content and quality assurance teams actively monitor news reports and social networks to review the accuracy of the announcements made or shared directly with us.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us on contact@safetravelbarometer.com

What are Safe Travel Barometer's general disclaimers?

Safe Travel Technologies collects and aggregates information from publicly available sources, or directly from organizations. Safe Travel Technologies shall not be held responsible for any loss – tangible or intangible, due to the inclusion (or not) of any companies. No claims or damages shall be entertained. All logos are respective trademarks/copyrights and owned by respective companies.