How can I claim my company profile on Safe Travel Barometer?

You can request your company claim via the sign-up form.

I am unable to create my company profile on Safe Travel Barometer. Who should I contact?

At present, we do not allow representatives to create their own company profiles.

If your company is already listed, you can claim it using our sign-up form.

If your company is not listed, e-mail us on

How can I share information on the behalf of my company with Safe Travel Barometer?

We encourage you to claim your company using our sign-up form.

Upon your sign-up and verification, you will be given access to edit/update information directly on behalf of your organization. This information will further be reviewed by our quality assurance team before being published online.

My company is missing from the Safe Travel Barometer. How do I add it?

You can contact us via e-mail:

What type of information can I share with Safe Travel Barometer?

For the ease of sharing information, we have broken down the process into the following aspects:

  • Basic Information: Details such as company name, logo, website and social network URLs, etc.
  • Location: The ability to share¬†headquarter city and country location.
  • Parameters: This is where companies can discover a growing number of safety initiatives, to be added or edited. Please note, the information shared will be visible on the dashboard and/or our affiliates only after the quality assurance team can verify the data.
  • Media: Upload images, embedded video links depicting your organization’s safety initiatives.
  • Sources: Share URLs for our teams to verify the source of the information.
Where can I edit traveler health and safety initiatives?

Users can find safety initiatives under the ‘Parameters’ tab of the profile.

Only registered users can update initiatives on behalf of their organization. The Safe  Travel Barometer team manually verifies every company claim to ensure accuracy of the request.