Launching COVID-19 Safe Travel Barometer

May 2020 has been a defining month for us. We launched not one, but three initiatives aimed at the industry – Global Travel Staffing BarometerPlaylist and now the Safe Travel Barometer

Safe Travel Barometer monitors COVID-19 traveler safety updates, and measures implemented by travel companies and destinations worldwide. It is evident that the pandemic has changed how we travel. Traveler health and safety measures are now at the heart of our new normal.  

Yet at the same time, these measures are a complex maze. An independent compilation of these initiatives is the need of the hour, and will benefit the industry ecosystem and even travelers. 

Moreover, we invite the industry to submit their initiatives directly to the Safe Travel Barometer. These will go a long in reviving traveler confidence and regaining their trust. 

Check out Safe Travel Barometer.  

About Safe Travel Barometer:

Safe Travel Barometer is the world’s most comprehensive database of traveler health and safety measures announced by travel brands. The coverage includes more than 1,500 companies across 10 industry categories, 50 parameters, and traveler arrival information on more than 80 destinations.

Safe Travel Barometer is a B2B2C solution by Safe Travel Technologies, an independent subsidiary of VIDEC, a travel industry advisory and consulting firm. Visit for more information on Safe Travel Score, explore other travel industry categories, countries of interest, and partnership enquiries.

For more information, please contact:

Chetan Kapoor

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Safe Travel