Lufthansa leads the European Safe Travel Score November 2020 Leaderboard

German-based airline achieves Safe Travel Score of 4.2 out of 5

Safe Travel Barometer, the world’s most comprehensive B2B monitoring and benchmarking solution of COVID-19 health and safety protocols, and traveler experience initiatives announced by suppliers, today announces the Safe Travel Score November 2020 leaderboard for European airlines.

The Safe Travel Score is an industry-first rating initiative of supplier initiatives, created in the wake of recovery from the pandemic. Initiatives of more than 250 airlines worldwide – including 73 from Europe – were independently assessed by Safe Travel Barometer for the November leaderboard. The resulting Safe Travel Score is based on an independent audit of 28 initiatives announced by airlines, which are attributed to the following sub-categories: traveler convenience initiatives, service excellence, traveler health and safety measures. These sub-categories have differential weights assigned to them, basis upon their gravity in the traveler’s decision-making and actual journey. These initiatives have either a direct or psychological impact on traveler booking and traveling decision in the ‘new normal’.

Of the European airline initiatives assessed, Germany’s Lufthansa achieved a Safe Travel Score of 4.2 out of 5 in November 2020. Several airlines in the region have been implementing recommendations made by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to ensure traveler safety onboard. Yet only 9 out of 73 airlines (12%) from the region achieved a rating of 4.0 or above – the second lowest ratio after the U.S., compared to other regions worldwide. This is also due to the influence of non-COVID 19 initiatives in the calculation of the Safe Travel Score, i.e., traveler convenience and service excellence sub-categories.

Other airlines that topped the European airlines leaderboard feature: Iberia and Virgin Atlantic (4.1 each); EasyJet, Eurowings, Air France, TAP Air Portugal, Ryanair and Austrian Airlines all achieved a Safe Travel Score of 4.0 out of 5. Further, British Airways, KLM and Ukraine International Airlines followed closely with a rating of 3.9.

“Europe’s airlines continue to operate under a very mixed environment with frequently updated green corridors or lockdowns. Despite that, it is a welcome sign to witness airlines propagating pre-flight COVID tests to minimize chances of an in-flight transmission and reduce the impact of traveler quarantine upon arrival at their respective destinations,” stated Virendra Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, Safe Travel Barometer.

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Other Updates:

Company profile claims are live on Safe Travel Barometer. Complete a claim form (subject to verification) to directly update your organization’s initiatives pertaining to COVID-19 safety protocols, traveler convenience and service excellence.

Safe Travel Score, European Airlines, November 2020

Full-Service CarriersCountrySafe Travel Score*
(November 2020)
Performance by Sub-Categories (%)
COVID-19 Safety ProtocolsTraveler ConvenienceService Excellence
Virgin AtlanticU.K.4.184%82%75%
Air FranceFrance4.081%93%64%
TAP Air PortugalPortugal4.081%85%71%
Austrian AirlinesAustria4.081%86%68%
British AirwaysU.K.3.983%91%59%
KLMThe Netherlands3.981%94%58%
Ukraine International AirlinesUkraine3.981%86%62%
Aeroflot AirlinesRussia3.784%96%32%


Low-Cost CarriersCountrySafe Travel Score*
(November 2020)
Performance by Sub-Categories (%)
COVID-19 Safety ProtocolsTraveler ConvenienceService Excellence
Iberia ExpressSpain3.781%66%54%
French BeeFrance3.777%79%62%
Transavia FranceFrance3.575%74%54%
Air BalticLatvia3.471%80%54%
Binter CanariasSpain3.485%33%28%
Blue AirRomania3.481%63%23%


 • * Safe Travel Score for airlines is a rating initiative based on an independent assessment of more than 28 initiatives applicable to an air journey, across pre-boarding, boarding and onboard experiences, announced by airlines.
• Safe Travel Score takes into consideration various initiatives announced by suppliers. These are sub-categorized into the following:
o COVID-19 Safety Protocols
o Traveler Convenience
o Service Excellence
• Low ratings may not always be reflective of poor initiatives, but also the lack of clear or available information on supplier websites, related official channels.
• Safe Travel Score should not be associated with the relative physical or psychological safety of the traveler.

About Safe Travel Barometer:

Safe Travel Barometer is a B2B2C solution by Safe Travel Technologies. It is the world’s most comprehensive solution of COVID-19 health and safety protocols, and traveler experience initiatives announced by suppliers which influences traveler decisions in the new normal. The coverage includes more than 2,000 companies across 10 industry categories, 100 parameters, and traveler arrival information on more than 80 destinations.

Safe Travel Technologies is an independent subsidiary of VIDEC, a travel industry advisory and consulting firm.

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