What is a Safe Travel Score?

The Safe Travel Score is an industry-first COVID-19 rating initiative, created in the wake of recovery from the pandemic.

It is based on an independent audit of traveler health and safety measures, along with traveler convenience initiatives, service excellence and overall traveler experience announced by suppliers, regulatory and government authorities to alleviate traveler anxiety and boost confidence.

The rating begins from a low of 1.0 to the high of 5.0

What are the components of a Safe Travel Score?

Safe Travel Score takes into consideration various initiatives taken by suppliers, categorized in one of the four sub-categories:

  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols
  • Traveler Convenience
  • Service Excellence
  • Traveler Experience
How do you calculate the Safe Travel Score?

The Safe Travel Score encapsulates/quantifies all initiatives taken by travel suppliers to ensure health and safety of travelers, especially in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

All initiatives have been assigned variable weights depending on their importance and relevance in the respective sub-category:

  • COVID-19 safety protocols
  • Traveler convenience
  • Service excellence
  • Travel experience

Similarly, the various sub-categories have differential weights assigned to them, basis upon their gravity in the traveler’s decision-making and actual journey. The aggregated weights by sub-categories are rolled-up to arrive at the final Safe Travel Score.

DISCLAIMER: The Safe Travel Score is purely a rating initiative and should not be associated with the relative physical or physiological safety of the traveler. Read more.

What are the various initiatives tracked by the Safe Travel Barometer?

We monitor more than 50 traveler health and safety initiatives, and traveler experience initiatives announced by suppliers which influences traveler decisions in the new normal. The list of initiatives is updated regularly and can increase or decrease based on trends and developments.

At present, our coverage spans across ten industry categories.

Is the Safe Travel Score dynamic?

Yes. The Safe Travel Score takes into consideration a variety of initiatives enacted or otherwise.

Considering the dynamism of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the travel industry, we also plan to add more initiatives. These will further add to the dynamism of the Safe Travel Score.

Why is my company's Safe Travel Score low?

Information is aggregated based on publicly available information, primarily via supplier websites and official announcements.

One of the reasons that may impact the Safe Travel Score could be the lack of clear or available information on supplier brand websites, official social media channels.

We encourage suppliers to claim their companies to update information directly and frequently.

How often is the Safe Travel Score updated?

The Safe Travel Score is updated regularly basis upon official announcements.

These updates or edits are made either by our in-house content team or directly by the company representatives.

We also issue periodic announcements via press releases or newsletters with the updated Safe Travel Score.

What is a Safe Travel Score badge?

Safe Travel Score badge is the definitive creative asset for travel organizations to represent their traveler health and safety initiatives.

Is there any commercial consideration for a Safe Travel Score badge?

No. The Safe Travel Score badge can be requested free of cost. We only ask you to adhere to our creative guidelines, to be shared upon delivery.



Based on information announced by travel companies and destinations.


Compare your initiatives with local, regional and international competitors.


Reduce traveler anxiety by showcasing safety standards implemented for onboard or on-site experiences.


Your scores are calculated based on COVID-19 related traveler safety and hygiene parameters, profile accuracy.


Over 50 parameters are evaluated across various travel industry categories, keeping in mind travelers’ journeys, on-site experiences, and the initiatives announced by suppliers and destinations.